Kidz First Children’s Hospital

Nov 17, 2016 | News & Events

Howick and Eastern Buses has donated $5000 to Kidz First Children’s Hospital, the first donation for a redevelopment of the Emergency Department.

Middlemore Foundation staffer David Kemeys said: “The company and its people know Middlemore is their hospital, and Kidz First is where their children go.”

The donation brings the company’s contribution to Kidz First, and other areas of Middlemore, to almost $50,000.

“Our relationship with Howick and Eastern is special to us because it goes back more than a decade,” David said.
“They know a thing or two about timetables, and they turn up on time, once a year, every year, to support us.”

That’s drivers Russell Bamfield and Darnell Nicholas delivering the cheque. This picture also has the advantage that you can’t see David very well. He couldn’t resist driving the bus.

Click here to make your way to their facebook page for information about how you can donate.

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