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Environmental Management Policy

Here at Howick & Eastern Buses Ltd, we strive to maximise environmental performance and ensure that we are in compliance with all the policy and standards relating to the environment. Doing this will require a team effort but everybody from within the organisation are committed to meeting the needs of the customers, therefore we are prepared to go to the extra mile in order for this to be achieved.

It is with this commitment that the organisation has established and maintains an Environmental Management System that satisfies the requirements of the Eco Warranty Standard. Management will carry out reviews on a regular basis so that everything which is being done is up to date and understood by all levels of the organisation.

It will also allow others to voice their opinions on what could be done or improved upon in order to achieve the objectives at the highest standard possible. Howick & Eastern Buses Ltd are committed to the care of the environment and will endeavour to control all the environmental aspects of the organisation.

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